Frequent Urination

Frequent UrinationOnce upon a time in the middle of the night, you felt a strong urge to urinate. Not a big deal, right? But what if these urges became more frequent and repeat over and over throughout the day, and urges meant you really had to go badly? Frequent urination might not sound like a big deal but it can signify a graver underlying problem. It may well be connected to your prostate glands. This, in turn, presents a pressing problem.

This has many symptoms and they include obviously having the frequent urge to pee, an incomplete urination, the feeling of going to the bathroom "right now," urinating on yourself because of urinary incontinence, burning sensation while peeing and blood in the urine.

Why It Happens?
There are many other factors in which frequently going to the bathroom to pee can originate from:

bullet  Urinary Tract Infection

bullet  Diabetes

bullet  Diuretic use

bullet  Bladder cancer

But let us focus on how it can be very well connected to prostate problems. The man's prostate is in a location where in it surrounds the urethra and the latter is where the urine from the bladder takes its route. If a man has an enlarged prostate, it can irritate the bladder. Hence, this will make the man more susceptible to urinating more than usual.

As the prostate gets more enlarged without the knowledge of the individual, the bladder has the potential to contract more causing it to expand and make the individual urinate even if he has not consumed a lot of liquids. Peeing may seem like commonplace to everyone but as we grow older, especially men, they get problems like this and it eventually becomes more transparent.

Frequent urination can be treated. If this problem is connected to the enlargement of your prostate, you can start with taking the following steps:

1. Watch what you eat. Stay away from spicy food, carbonated beverages and red meat. Click here to read more about diet.

2. Establish a regime of taking Vitamins and supplements regularly, like Vitamin E and Selenium, as they are crucial to maintain proper chemical balance. Click here to learn more about supplements.

3. Take the time out of your day for regular prostate massages! Prostate massages stimulate blood flow in the prostate gland, which leads to relief of pain, reduces inflammation and gets rid of feeling of bladder discomfort. Click here to learn more about prostate massages.

4. Visit a urologist and have him examine your prostate. Although statistically it may take up to 3 months to get an appointment with a urologist, so in the meantime don't just wait and take your health into your own hands and change your toxic habits, like eating junk food and drinking 5 cups of coffee, to healthy ones. Who knows, you may not even need the appointment after all and avoid the unpleasantness of having a prostate exam. Click here to learn more about prostate exam.




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