Chronic Prostatitis

- Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Causes and Symptoms

Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis (CBP) or more commonly known as pelvic pain, also comes with many different names. This condition comes with two different classifications -the inflammatory and the non-inflammatory. The main sign and symptom for the CBP are the recurrent pelvic pain without the diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection persisting for more than 90 days. Painful urination, unexplained fatigue, abdominal pain, constant burning pain in the penis, arthralgia and frequent urination The symptoms may vary, just as the pain intensity, depending on the person and it can also be misinterpreted as a symptom for a different condition. Sometimes the pain can also reach the back and rectum – in this case sitting becomes agonizing. Another key symptom is the unpleasant sensation on post ejaculation which differentiates the men with CBP.

Furthermore the cause of Chronic Prostatitis is due to interpolate between psychological factors and immune, endocrine and neurological system complications. Anxious or nervous psychological characteristic of a person can lead to pelvic tensing, which in turn becomes inflammation – a process mediated by substances released by nerve cells. Sometimes inflammation can spread to other areas such as the bladder, urethra and testicles. Often climate can complicate this condition, specifically the cold, or as some believe, even be the ultimate cause, however there is no evidence to support such claims.


What can you do to treat CBP?

If you are suffering from Chronic Prostatitis, there are plenty of treatments to help you reduce the symptoms and improve the function of the prostate – organ so vital to our wellness and sexual health. Medication such as Alpha Blockers, is one of the options; it works by relaxing the bladder muscles and is taken when urination process causes problems on an ongoing basis. There is also over the counter pain killers – they are taken if pain in unbearable. The most effective way to treat CBP is to take antibiotics, which help clear out the bacteria and associated symptoms. It can take one to three months for the antibiotics to complete eliminate all of the bacteria from the prostate.


However all these solutions solve the problem for a short period of time, and in case with Chronic Prostatitis, the symptom returns again sooner or later. In case with Chronic Prostatitis in particular, the best solution is an ongoing treatment that becomes part of the lifestyle. Our recommended option is Prostate Massage. Prostate massage has been practiced for centuries as part of holistic oriental health practices. It stimulates blood flow in the prostate gland, which leads to relief of pain, reduces inflammation and gets rid of feeling of discomfort. This easy to implement, do it yourself treatment only takes a few minutes each day to perform and has been proven to dramatically improve prostate health, but only if you make it a habit! Click here to learn more about this treatment.

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