7 STEPS to Healthy Prostate

Easy steps you need to take to make sure you prostate is healthy.

Healthy Prostate Steps

Let’s try to imagine for a second, a world in which you have all the time and resources in the world to take care of your prostate in the best possible way. It would require quite a few changes to your daily routine, but would result in a nearly perfectly healthy prostate that would stand the test of time, and remain in bulletproof over the years. Yes, it is very difficult finding the time in your well adjusted lifestyle and changing your habits, but you just need to understand that most of the time your prostate problems are a result of that exact lifestyle, and hence you need to target the root of the problem!

Let us paint you a picture of a lifestyle chain of events!

Jim likes women, beer and fast food. He likes them all so much that he doesn’t go a day without them. Women: he is out and about trying to score 24/7. Beer: one isn’t really possible without the other. Fast food: it’s just so quick and simple, and the fries and burgers taste so good with beer. Jim works in the office and every day after work goes out with his buddies. Jim thinks walking from the parking lot to his office is a good enough workout for him and doesn’t exercise. You don’t need to be a genius to see that this lifestyle is hardly a healthy choice.

Too many sexual partners can lead to bacteria and inflamed prostate. Too much alcohol and salty food builds toxins in the body. Toxins negatively affect lymphatic and immune system, which is responsible for cleansing blood. Bad blood in the urinary and sexual system leads to all sorts of dysfunctions.

So if Jim wants to fix something in his health, he needs to change a few of these habits. Let’s go over the steps involved in establishing this ultimate prostate defense!

These seven steps are the key to a healthy prostate. While we don’t expect most of you to be able to follow all of these steps to the letter, implementing as many of these steps into your own routine will make your prostate that much more resilient to disease and infection and less prone to ever give you cause for concern.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is so important because its ability to help increase oxygen and blood circulation throughout our bodies, including the prostate. The more we exercise, the less likely we are to have fat tissue as well, tissue which is loaded with toxins that get excreted into our bodies. Exercise also helps moderate the glucose level in or bloodstream, which could prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate.

As you get older, the need for exercise becomes essential, as without it you may think you are healthy as a bull, but your sexual performance is bound to suffer in one way or the other compared to your sporty acquaintance. That doesn’t mean you need to engage in high intensity activities, just going for a walk is a great way to get some exercise. Swimming is another good form of exercise that many find enjoyable. So if doing push ups or aerobic exercises doesn’t seem to float your boat, pick up a membership to a local club which boasts a swimming pool and take advantage of it.


In reality we find that there is often lack of time and motivation to lead that desired “active” lifestyle. There are more efficient ways of making sure that your prostate gets sufficient blood circulation. Prostate massage could be the miracle exercise you are looking for. Read more about it here.


Maintain a Healthy Prostate Diet

Following a proper diet can help relieve prostate related problems. The main goal is to bring specific minerals and nutrients into your system. Zinc is vital mineral for the health of your prostate. It is found in chocolate, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil and sesame oil.  Oysters also are great – full of zinc and are an aphrodisiac. (Aphrodisiacs are known to also enhance sexual performance). Meats such as veal liver, low fat roast beef and lamb are great sources as well.

Omega 3 fatty acids help control cholesterol, which is a big enemy for healthy hormonal exchanges. Look for eggs that are enriched with Omega 3s. Among other products rich in Omega 3s are linseed oil, wheat germ and fish oil. Take fish oil capsules as a supplement.

Avoid prostate irritators such as black tea, coffee, alcohol, greasy food. Try to eat organic foods if possible, they contain less chemicals, which are known to lead to excess of masculine hormones, the elements that are responsible for hypertrophy of the prostate. Drink 8 glasses of water a day to speed up toxin elimination.

Learn more about healthy prostate diet here.

Keep Yourself Warm

One thing has been shown to aggravate and worsen prostate conditions, and that is coldness. For this reason you should always dress appropriately when out in cold weather. In particular, be sure to wear warm underwear or underpants to keep your prostate warm. You should also avoid sitting on benches or other cold surfaces that would quickly chill your prostate.

Taking warm baths and Sitz baths is not only a great way to warm your prostate and entire body, but is also a great pain reliever as well. Don’t hesitate to relax in the bath after a day out in the cold, or for any reason at all.


 Stay Informed and Visit Your Doctor

There’s a well known saying that knowledge is power, and this is especially true when it comes to our health. By staying up to date on the latest health trends and treatments, we’ll have the knowledge and the ability to better care for ourselves, preventing ill health effects, or defeating them quickly when they do crop up. This can be accomplished by reading the news, or health specific journals or forums where discussion on various topics is taking place.

But part of staying informed also involves not just staying up to date on general health, but also on our own personal health. This means visiting our doctor on a regular basis and having a thorough exam performed. Should any health issue arise, combating it as quickly as possible is the most likely road to success. If we catch it too late, it could lead to undo suffering.

While most of us don’t like visiting the doctor, especially for a prostate exam, a few minutes of discomfort is undoubtedly worth the lifetime of optimal prostate health.

Take Prostate Supplements

It’s almost impossible to get all the nutrients and minerals we need simply through our daily meals and drinks. That’s why supplements can and should play such an important role in helping us easily get what we need to function at our best. This is especially important for prostate health, as some of the most important extracts for prostate maintenance are not easy to find outside of supplements. Some of these are saw palmetto and beta sitosterol, which many prostate supplements use because of their great benefits to the prostate. There’s really no easier way to help your prostate than by taking supplements, so don’t pass up on this opportunity to really do your prostate some good.

Learn more about prostate supplements here.


Have More Sex

Well, we said this prostate health guide would not be easy to follow, but we believe this step may not be quite as difficult as the others. Yes, having sex is an outstanding way to keep your prostate healthy. If you can have sex twice a week or more, you’ll be doing your prostate a great service. However, stay safe especially if you are often changing partners, since unprotected sex can lead to bacterial infection and is often the cause of all sorts of prostate problems.

An additional way to help keep your prostate in great health is to implement prostate massages into your regular sexual practices. There are many great prostate massage devices on the market that make great sexual aids. Prostate massages can also be performed without devices. All you or your partner needs is a latex glove and a little bit of lubrication. Prostate massaging can be an incredibly amorous act, and can even induce ejaculation on its own.

Of course, in the event you don’t have a regular sexual partner, don’t despair. It’s not actually the act of sex that is the key to good prostate health, but rather the act of ejaculating. So go ahead and treat yourself to more masturbation sessions. And as mentioned above, you can also incorporate prostate massages into your masturbating to increase the overall positive effect on your health. You’ll not only be performing an enjoyable act and working out your muscles, but you’ll be keeping your prostate in great condition by doing so as well.

Read more about prostate massager devices here.

Avoid Over Consumption of Alcohol

In the diet section we talked about the importance of staying hydrated and mentioned caffeine as a dehydration culprit because of its role as a diuretic. Alcohol functions in the same way, but comes with additional concerns of its own. It’s very taxing on our liver, and also drains on our systems of vital nutrients that are necessary for keeping us healthy and fully functioning.

Beer is an especially poor choice of alcohol as it contains live yeast that can actually take up residence in the prostate and grow and multiply there. If you would like an alcoholic beverage from time to time, drinking red wine would be your best choice. Red wine is praised for the beneficial effects that it can have on our bodies when consumed in moderation over a period of time. However, in case you are already suffering from Prostatitis, even red wine should be avoided.

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