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Prostate Supplement Review

Prostate Supplements and their Role in Prostate Health

Using prostate supplements is an absolute necessity if you want to achieve optimal health. Prostate massage used together with the right kind of supplements plus well balanced diet, provide all the right arsenal for you to be a good fighter against your prostate woes. This is why:


Our body is only as strong as we make it. It is up to us to supply it with all the proper nutrients it needs to function well on a daily basis and to fight the disease. We either get these nutrients in the food we consume or artificially in a form of a pill.


Back in the day, the quality of food was better – food had less pesticides and chemicals, diet was versatile and natural. There wasn’t pre packaged snacks options sold in vending machines and fast food drive throughs. If you wanted to snack you would eat fruits or veggies in their raw form.


Now the food industry is mostly concerned with profits and not at all with your health. That is why it is up to you to not only avoid bad processed and junk foods but to enrich your diet with supplements that contain vital minerals and nutrients.


In case with you prostate gland, it only functions or heals well if you provide these nutrients. If you don’t provide them, they won’t just appear out of nowhere, and most likely will not be found in the food you consume.


Your immune and lymphatic system, which is responsible for fighting disease and cleansing your system is usually one of the first to dysfunction. In males especially the most fragile system is the reproductive system (especially the prostate gland). That is why prostate related problems are as common as colds.


You may hear that as you age, some of these functions don’t work as well. While this is a popular issue, age is not to blame. By nature we are meant to have a different lifestyle and a different diet – and not what is typical today. Not moving enough and eating bad food is the reason why these issues occur. You are meant to be a strong and capable male until the very old age. And you can be that male if you give your body what it needs to be strong – proper nutrients!


So let’s talk about what nutrients we need to have a healthy prostate!

There are a few prostate supplements that are absolutely essential to have in our daily diet to help maintain proper function. They are known to improve symptoms of BPH and Prostatitis conditions such as ease the urination process, improve the flow of urine, reverse some of the prostate gland growth and improve erectile function.


Herb Saw Palmetto Prostate Supplements Saw Palm

There is some strong correlation between saw palmetto and overall prostate health. Saw palmetto is an extract of berries widely used in Germany and is very high in fatty acids. The specific fatty acids found in this plant can inhibit the growth of 5-alpha-reductase in the prostate gland, which converts testosterone into DHT, potentially leading to BPH and/or prostate cancer. In some cases it is also known to reduce pain and nocturnal urination.

The easiest way to get a good daily dose of saw palmetto would be to hunt down some tablets or capsules, as you won’t find it in any food. Another option is to lookout for saw palmetto herb and use it in cooking as a spice or add to tea.


Prostate Supplements TomatoeLycopene

Studies have shown that as little as 2 servings of tomatoes a week can help men reduce their risk of prostate cancer by 50%. Tomatoes are full of lycopene – an antioxidant that helps fight and prevent prostate cancer. They don’t have to be fresh tomatoes, sauces are just as good. Try to eat spaghetti with tomato sauce or salads with tomato ingredients about twice a week.

ZincProstate Supplements Zinc

Zinc is a vital mineral for the health of your prostate. Pumpkin seeds remedy comes from Germany and is used by Doctors there to treat difficulty in urination that comes with an enlarged prostate. The reason why is because they contain plenty of zinc and diuretic properties, which helps with the immune system. Add some pumpkin seeds to your tea or use sesame oil for cooking.

Zinc is also found in chocolate, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower oil. Oysters also are great – full of zinc and an aphrodisiac. (Aphrodisiacs are known to also enhance sexual performance). Meats such as veal liver, low fat roast beef and lamb are great sources as well.


Prostate Supplements Omega

Omega 3

It is found Omega 3 fatty acids help control cholesterol, which is a big enemy for healthy hormonal exchanges. If you don’t receive enough of this nutrient your testosterone production function may be overproducing which increases you risk of prostate cancer. Look for eggs that are enriched with Omega 3s. Among other products rich in Omega 3s are linseed oil, wheat germ and fish oil.

Prostate Supplements Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in fish oils and vegetable oils as well as pecans, almonds and avocado. Its primary function in prostate health is formation of key sex hormones and enzymes responsible for sperm production. Deficiency inhibits the formation of sperm and can be the cause for infertility. A few studies done on cancer cells in laboratories actually have proven its role in preventing the risk of prostate cancer.

Keep in mind, supplements work best when in combination with proper diet. Don’t wait and start right away. You will be amazed with how much better you feel if you follow our advice. Help your body fight and become stronger!


Prostate Supplements Review

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