BPH Symptoms

BPH Symptoms and How to Deal with them

In most men BPH symptoms tend to be relatively mild and not cause too much problems. However, BPH symptoms can continue to worsen, and this can lead to some serious health issues in the long run if not looked after. It should be noted that the severity of the BPH symptoms is not always tied to the amount of prostate gland enlargement, so that is not a sole indicator of the seriousness of the issue.

BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is often referred to as Enlarged Prostate condition where the main symptoms usually have to do with urinary problems. This is due to the fact that as the prostate gland expands, it slowly encroaches on the urethra’s pathway from the bladder to the penis, which runs right through the middle of the prostate gland. As this pathway gets squeezed further and further, less urine is able to make its way through.

This can lead to many urinary issues. The reduced pathway cuts off the force of the urine, which leads to an appreciable reduction in the force of the urine stream. This issue can also manifest itself in the form of constantly starting and stopping the urine stream over again. Men with BPH will frequently suffer pain while urinating as well.

In the event of very serious cases of BPH, even more severe symptoms can occur. It’s possible that the urethra can get blocked off almost entirely or even completely over time, leading to urine retention in the bladder, called acute urinary retention when completely blocked off. This condition typically causes severe pain, and can extremely complicate one’s life. The issue must be dealt with directly, either by reducing the size of the prostate, or by enlarging the urethra pathway. Otherwise, catheterization will be necessary to drain the bladder of urine.

In the case of less severe urine retention in the bladder, the patient will often suffer from frequent urges to urinate, and this can interrupt sleep as well. This condition is typically referred to as Nocturia.


So you have mild BPH symptoms and don’t want it to get worse?

Now that you are aware of the symptoms of BPH and what can happen in the worst case scenario you can start taking good care of yourself to catch the problem at its early state and not let it get worse.

BPH symptoms can worsen under certain conditions. Stress is a major one, both of the physical and emotional variety. We all have plenty of things that cause us stress. What really matters is how we deal with it. Finding healthy ways to help you to unwind after a long day at work can go a long way. Getting a full body massage, playing sports that gets your mind off things or meditating are all good things to practice to release tension. Having a glass of wine on occasion is also acceptable, however getting into a habit of having a drink after work daily can be dangerous and will often make your condition only worse.

Taking prostate supplements and vitamins that provide all the nutrients to help boost your immune system is also a must. When under stress, the immune system is down and doesn’t function as well.

Cold weather can also contribute to the severity of symptoms, as the muscles tend to be less relaxed in cold weather. If you have no way of avoiding cold weather, make sure you always dress warm, wear extra pair of pants or warm underwear, and take baths.

Lifestyle choice is amongst the biggest decisions we make when it comes to our health. We can’t stress enough how important for your overall health is to have a balanced lifestyle – where you take extra good care of your health. This starts with avoiding alcohol, processed and junk food, exercising and staying active – yes, all those things you know you should be doing and yet you procrastinate!

Many men over the age of 50 have BPH, and for many of them, the condition isn’t a big deal. Symptoms tend to be very mild, and may result in slight urinary problems that are easy to live with. If symptoms progress however, they can become far more serious, debilitating, and threatening. It is in your hands to unsure your condition won’t get worse, and is it often happens you are the one that is responsible for that fully, either by completely ignoring your condition and acting as though you are completely healthy and doing nothing about it, or by leading a lifestyle that leads to all sorts of health problems.


It is not too late to change your habits however and get rid of any hints of BPH. Look into what treatment options may be available for you to help combat it or to prevent it.

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