Self Prostate Massage

Is self prostate massage effective? YES! Let us show you how to do it.

Self Prostate Massage

What is Self Prostate Massage?

There are various ways of performing self prostate massage. However, before we discuss this topic, let us first see what Prostate Massage is. It is an artificial way of stimulating the prostate gland for sexual as well for medical purposes.  This is an age old practice and was done even by the ancient medical practitioners in India as well as in China in order to enhance the sexual powers of the then Indian and Chinese kings and emperors. Instances of a king or an emperor having as many as a hundred wives or midwives are not very uncommon in history. Self prostate massage is referred to the prostate massage conducted by a patient himself.


Benefits of Prostate Massage:

Prostate Massage is regarded as one of the healthiest activities that can have profound effect of the normal functioning of the prostate gland. The benefits include:

Minimizes the effect of Prostatitis, when certain bacteria accumulate within the acini sacs of the prostate gland resulting in swelling of the same. Prostate massage increases the flow of blood which helps in flushing out those bacteria.
Regular Ejaculation which enhances the sexual orgasm and thereby the sex life of an individual. This is caused by an increased flow of blood and oxygen in the pelvic area
Improved Erectile Function caused by an improved flow of blood which provides more oxygen and nutrients to the penis. It is caused by the relaxation of the pelvic muscles due to regular massaging.
Impotency, which is caused by muscular constriction, is a major hindrance to a normal sexual life. Prostate massage can increase the flow of seminal fluids that strengthens the muscles of penis thereby eradicating this disorder a large extent.


Prostate Massager


How does a Doctor Perform a Prostate Massage Therapy?

In the internal way of massaging prostate, a lubricated finger or a massaging instrument is inserted through the anal opening of the patient in a particular angle. Now after inserting the finger (or the instrument) to a certain extent, prostate gland can be reached. It is a walnut like body and can easily be felt by the finger. After reaching the gland, the masseur massages the walls of the gland. This practice provides a relief to the patient thereby easing the flow of urine.


Why a Lot of men Choose Self prostate Massage?

A lot of men nowadays choose Self Prostate Massage – both internal as well as external. While the internal method is a bit cumbersome, the external method is too easy to practice and does not even hamper the day to day life. Moreover, visiting a doctor every now and then may not be possible for a number of individuals. Hence they opt for the self prostate massage therapy which is less time consuming. For those who find it a bit expensive, self prostate massage is an easy option to save money. For certain people, this whole process of undressing in front of the doctor and having the massage is very embarrassing. These people opt for self prostate Massage to get rid of the awkwardness and embarrassment.


How to perform Self-Prostate Massage?

External Massage- Trim the nails of your finger in a proper way and wash your hands before conducting self prostate massage. It is good if you use a tight fitting rubber glove.  Lie in a position in which you feel comfortable and see if your anal opening can accessed easily. Slowly insert your finger through your anal opening and after inserting the finger to some extent, you need to crook it at a particular angle till you reach the walls of your prostate gland. It is small walnut like structure with smooth walls which you will easily be able to feel. Remember, that the centre of the gland is highly sensitive. Hence, rub the sides of the wall very tenderly. You may feel an erection and even ejaculate during the process. Do not worry! – It is perfectly normal.


It is, very important that you discuss the technique with your doctor and during self-prostate massage, if you feel any discomfort immediately stop it and consult your doctor. If you like to avoid the internal self-prostate massage, you can opt for the external one. This process is extremely easy and less cumbersome. Strip the skin between the scrotum and anus. You will find a seam that is running along the length of the perineum. Run your fingers back and forth along that seam till you feel relieved. Again, if you face any discomfort, do not force your way through. Immediately stop the practice and consult the doctor. Remember, both the prostate as well as perineum is highly sensitive organs. Hence take utmost care while conducting self-prostate massage.


Whether you take up the internal or external method of self-prostate massage, you need to take care of the issue before the situation spirals out of your hand. The Prostatitis is indeed a curable disorder and there is no need to feel embarrassed or maligned. There is no social stigma attached to any disease. Society needs to get rid of a disease – not the person suffering from a disease. Hence, please take care of the disorder and help the doctors to help you in leading a perfectly normal and social life. There are people who take themselves away from the society because of this problem and lead a secluded life. Hope this article will assist those people in a great you to overcome all these mental blockades and appear before a doctor who will provide you the perfect guidance to lead a normal life like the others around you.


You will be able to find a lot of articles relating to self-prostate massage in the internet. You can go through them in order to have an idea before actually visiting a doctor.  The web sites you will find in the internet are complete with suggestions from renowned urologists as well as slide shows and demonstrations. It is extremely important that you go through the websites and have a fair idea how self-prostate massage is done. You can also go through the experiences left by patients who are suffering from this disorder. All these are surely going act as a morale booster


Try 3-D Sonic Prostate Massager

If you do decide to try prostate massage therapy we recommend you try The 3-D Sonic Wave Prostate Massager. This device is a portable vibrating massager designed for soothing of the prostate gland and rectal muscles by creating stimulating vibrations.

It is better than uncomfortable doctor visits. While you still must visit a doctor to get a proper diagnosis, nobody enjoys the process of going to see a doctor and have him put on the rubber gloves and administer prostate massages as a treatment.

3 Mode Sonic massager targets nerves endings restoration in order to address prostate health and erectile dysfunction. The unique sonic waves technology is known to relax prostate and relief pain. Device releases 40,000 micro-vibrations per minute and operates in three impulse modes each targeted towards a different function – from improving semen quality and flow, to reducing prostate inflammation. This device is ideal for anyone who does not feel comfortable with some of the other massage options, the majority of which tend to be invasive. Click here to read more about Sonic Prostate Massager.

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