Prostate Massage Therapy Technique

Vital Techniques for Prostate Massage Therapy

Prostate infection and inflammation, namely prostatitis and BPH, are highly pandemic among men but their prevalence increases with age. Its statistic is even higher in the United States where about 90% of men are prone to prostate diseases. While prevention remains the best way to deal with prostate problems, they can be treated if they occur. Prostate massage therapy technique is perhaps one of the most effective ways to treat and manage prostatitis and BPH and improve the prostate health remarkably.

Prostate massage therapy

Prostate Massage Therapy Technique as Practiced by Medical Professionals

Prostate massage or prostate milking is very similar to a digital rectal exam (DRE). It is done by applying slight pressure on the prostate either with a lubricated finger or with a prostate massager. You can perform a prostate massage by yourself, with the help of your partner or a medical professional. Irrespective of the prostate massage therapy technique you employ, it is always advisable to consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis before you proceed.

Medical professionals are gradually beginning to recognize, appreciate and recommend prostate massage therapy. Some professionals even perform prostate massage. Basically, prostate massage can be done with the aid of a lubricated or gloved finger inserted into the anus, an internal prostate massager, applying a pressure to the perineum with the finger or performing the process with an external massage device.

Each of the prostate massage therapy techniques has their respective pros and cons. Having prostate massage therapy administered by a medical professional may be beneficial in order to prevent the use of dangerous and inefficient prostate massage devices. However, with the right prostate massage device, you can, of course, do it yourself and obtain a great result.

Doing Prostate Massage Yourself

If you choose not to go with the aforementioned prostate massage therapy technique, you can perform the process on yourself or even have your spouse massage you. Having your partner insert gloved or lubricated finger to your anus may appear to be a rather pleasurable activity. Some people may even view this prostate massage therapy technique as a means to achieve orgasm but this is not the primary purpose.

Most men will rather want to solve their problems by themselves. Of course, you may easily have your spouse massage your prostate either internally or externally but massaging yourself may accord you the independence you truly need. On-self internal prostate fingering may be both difficult and ineffective but why bother about massaging yourself with a lubricated finger when you can achieve an effective result with a prostate massager.


Massaging with Sonic Prostate Massager

Prostate massagers are more effective than gloved or lubricated fingers in massaging the prostate because of the sonic wave vibration they produce. The sonic wave reduces inflammation, relaxes the prostate, stimulates the muscles and enables an easy and seamless flow of blood around the prostate. These important features make this prostate massage therapy technique by far better than other massage therapy techniques.

Sonic Prostate Massager was created by Dr. V. Skypnyk and his team and it was patented under CA 2730809. It is an easy-to-use device and serves ergonomic purposes, making it easy to treat pains. Sonic Prostate Massage provides a non-invasive prostate massage therapy technique. Furthermore, the unnecessary inconvenience of a constant hospital visit is dramatically reduced with the use of this prostate massager because it can be easily applied to oneself.

Prostate massage therapy technique

Sonic Prostate Massager and Exercises: It is no longer news that besides keeping your entire muscles healthy and strong, exercise can help maintain your prostate in a healthy condition. While exercises focus on the entire body system (which the prostate is a part of), prostate massage focus specifically on the prostate. Put in a simpler term, prostate massage is a form of exercise on the prostate. With Sonic Prostate Massager, a better and more enhanced result is achieved. Two to three minutes spent on prostate massage therapy technique with Sonic Prostate Massager will produce a better result on the prostate than spending an entire hour in a gym. The result of this ultimate exercise is the stimulation of the prostate and therefore helping to ensure easy circulation of blood in the region and minimizing the associated symptoms.

Benefits of using Sonic Prostate Massager

Sonic Prostate Massager by far outmatches every other prostate massager out there for several reasons. Most prostate massagers were originally designed to serve as sex toys but with the growing emphasis on prostate massage, they were marketed as products that could help stimulate the prostate. Such products tend to be ineffective and may not be healthy for you.

However, Sonic Prostate Massager serves the following purposes:

  • It improves the quality and flow of semen
  • Gives strength to the prostate muscles suffering a setback due to age.
  • Enhances the flow of lymph fluid which flushes the blood in areas affected.
  • Improves sexual performance, corrects erectile dysfunction and stimulate nerve endings.
  • Improves blood flow around the prostate, colon, and anus.
  • Improves the flow of urine, enhances bladder control and drastically reduces the pains.
  • With regular use (2-3 minutes daily, 2-3 days a week), you will notice a remarkable result within 2-5 weeks.

Proven results achieved by Sonic Prostate Massager

Prostate massage therapy technique with Sonic Prostate Massager has been tested and tried. Evidence shows that 95% of its users experience remarkable health improvement within 2-5 weeks of its usage. It works for both prostatitis and BPH and when regularly used, it can help to significantly reduce the prostate pains and symptoms associated with these conditions.

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) is a very common form of prostate infection among men. Interestingly, prostate massage therapy technique is a recognized technique for treating this condition. Finally, prostate massage therapy, when combined with prostate food supplements can produce an even greater result, ensuring that your prostate health is maintained at an optimum condition, relieving the pains associated with prostatitis or BPH, even preventing the condition from occurring or reoccurring and avoiding the side-effects associated with the use of pharmaceutical products.

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