Prostate Symptoms

- find out what symptoms might indicate that you have a prostate related condition.

Prostate symptoms tend to be mild in the beginning and gradually increase in intensity over the years, which may lead to the issue being brushed aside for years. Prostate issues are growing more prevalent however, and visits to urologists concerning the prostate now make up 40% of all appointments. These statistics coincide with the fact that rates of prostate cancer are growing by approximately 3% each year.

While not all cases of prostate cancer will come accompanied with prostate symptoms, the following symptoms may signal that something is wrong in the prostate, and should warrant an immediate check-up by the sufferer. These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

bullet  A burning sensation while urinating.

bullet  Blood in the urine

bullet  Diminished force while urinating

bullet  Nocturia, characterized as a constant sense that the bladder is full at night time

bullet  Premature ejaculation

bullet  Pain or discomfort while engaged in sexual activities, including masturbation

bullet  A sudden decrease in sexual desire

bullet  Pain or discomfort in the testicles, penis, or groin regions

bullet  Difficulties getting or maintaining an erection


These symptoms could be caused by any number of conditions, and it is vital that anyone suffering from one or more of these symptoms should consult their doctor to determine the full scope and severity of the problem. Most common conditions with these symptoms are:


bullet  Enlarged Prostate or BPH

bullet  Prostatitis

bullet  Prostate Cancer

Just be proactive and don’t neglect this issue, start early, start now, and don’t wait any longer – prevention is the best medicine after all! You can heal and you can get rid of the symptoms if you take good care of yourself.

Possible Complications

One of the conditions mentioned above that is likely to give you complications and worsen over time, if left untreated is Enlarged Prostate. This is the most common condition and happens to majority of males in their 40s. While prostate symptoms aren’t likely to dramatically worsen, even in men suffering from an enlarged prostate, there is the possibility that severe complications could arise from this condition.

The most serious of these complications is urinary retention, caused by a complete blockage of the urethra which prevents urination. A catheter, which helps drain the urine from the bladder, is required as a work around to this condition, which as you can probably imagine, can cause great discomfort.

Another possible complication is chronic retention. This is less severe than urinary retention, in that not all of the urine is being blocked or prevented from being drained, but some of it is. The urine that gets left behind in the bladder at all times can lead to yet further conditions, including urinary incontinence, and urinary infections. Urinary incontinence is also a possible side effect from that actual treatment of prostate cancer, and can be remedied through kegel exercises or specialized devices.

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