Prostate Infection Natural Treatment

Highly Effective Prostate Infection Natural Treatment for Prostatitis and BPH

The walnut-sized male gland, prostate, plays the important role of channeling urine and semen to the penis but it is one of the most diseased masculine glands. The chances of men developing prostate infection increase with age. Fifty percent of men will develop a prostate infection before the age of 60, ninety percent will develop the symptoms before 70 and most of the men will need a dire medical treatment before 80. It is necessary to note that prostate infection is not a new phenomenon; it has been in existence long before advanced medical treatments came onboard. Several herbal products and prostate infection natural treatment has been used in treating prostate infection and there has been an ongoing debate on which form of prostate treatment is the best over others.

 Prostate Infection Natural Treatment

Prostate infection natural treatment vs. medical and synthetic treatment methods

Urologists use several medical and surgical procedures to treat a prostate infection. Antibiotics are mostly recommended to treat prostate infection but a lot of anecdotal evidence has shown that prostatitis could be resistant to most antibiotics, making it difficult to treat the condition. Moreover, the use of synthetic drugs and processes have remarkable side effects which may be devastating at old age, this makes natural treatment the best way to go. Prostate infection natural treatment comes in different forms, however, prostate massage therapy and prostate food supplements are some of the handiest options you might want to leverage to treat the condition fast.

A Synopsis on Prostate Massage Therapy

Prostate massage therapy is a proven and effective way of treating prostatitis. The therapy is not widely accepted in the medical community probably because it is not a popular option; however, it is very effective. To get the most out of the massage therapy, you need the service of a massage therapist. A well-trained therapist will know the precautions that should be avoided and the best way to massage the prostate in order to achieve the intended results. Prostate massage therapy can be used in treating both prostatitis and erectile dysfunction; this makes it a very useful option. Being natural, the massage therapy is devoid of the risks associated with synthetic products.

The massage therapy has a lot of benefits. It has been proven to help in reducing prostate infection symptoms by removing excess fluid. The therapy can also help in clearing the prostatic duct and therefore help to improve the urine flow. Prostate message is also the way to go in treating painful ejaculation and related conditions. Prostate massage therapy may not treat prostatitis in one shot, regular massage over several weeks or months may be necessary to treat the condition. Usually, the symptoms may disappear after a massage but they may reappear after some hours. As the massage therapy continues, the symptoms will take longer to reappear and on continuing the massage therapy, the symptoms may disappear perpetually. Great alternative to a massage therapist, which can be costly and time-consuming is home use prostate massager such as Sonic Prostate Massager.

A Synopsis on Prostate Food Supplements

Prostanol for Prostate Infection Natural Treatment

Prostate food supplements are also highly effective option in treating prostate infections. Countless food supplements, especially herbal products, can be used in treating prostatitis. Most of the food supplements have been in use since the ancient times and they have been proved highly effective. Saw palmetto is perhaps one of the most effective herbal and food supplements. It is obtained from the Serenoa repens (American saw palmetto plant) purple berries. This supplement works in the same way as drugs like dutasteride (GG745), turosteride, 4-MA and finasteride (MK-906) by impeding the activity of 5-alpha-reductase, Saw Palmetto can help to reduce the prostate size by 20% to 30%. To reduce the prostate size, apoptosis is induced which leads to an atrophy of the duct.

Nettle root and Pygeum are also effective prostate food supplements that can be used in treating prostatitis. Soy and fish oil, as well as selenium, have been found highly effective in treating prostate infections. Vitamin C and B6 are also very useful in treating urinary conditions. Watermelon, guava and some other fruits, especially those rich in fructose, are handy options in dealing with prostatitis. Your prostate health can be dramatically improved with fruits and vegetables. Food supplements like ginger, garlic, rosemary and turmeric and even all-natural teas such as green tea will help reduce the prostate enlargement in few weeks. Some prostate food supplements such as African wild potato, pumpkin, pygeum, rye grass have also been proved effective in treating prostatitis. However, food supplements like annatto, Brussels sprout, cranberry, flaxseed, garlic, melatonin, milk thistle, red clover and stinging nettle are equally used in treating enlarged prostate conditions but their effectiveness has not been well proven.

Prostate food supplements, when combined with prostate massage, can help to ease and treat your prostate condition quicker. This two prostate infection natural treatment methods have been proved effective independently but their synergic effect can produce exceptional results.

Other Natural Remedies for Prostate Infections

Besides prostate massage therapy and food supplements, several other natural remedies could be used to ease prostate infection. One such prostate infection natural treatment is the avoidance of alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine, and so forth. Hydrotherapy is also an effective natural therapy for treating a prostate infection. This process is effective in opening up and relaxing the urinary tract by increasing water circulation in the prostate. Preventing prostate infection could be a better option than treating it. One of the effective ways to prevent the infection is Kegel exercise. The exercise is aimed at straightening the pelvic floor muscles. This muscle supports the small intestine, rectum, uterus, and bladder. By straightening the muscle, the exercise can control or prevent urinary problems and some other pelvic floor conditions. Interestingly, the kegel exercise can be practiced by both men and women.

Prostate infection gets worse when stress and anxiety are combined. The condition can be improved by adequate stress and anxiety management. Obviously, natural remedies and methods are very effective in treating prostate infections as have been proved by a lot of anecdotal evidence. A meticulous combination of prostate infection natural treatment such as prostate food supplements and massage therapy can even offer you better results and help you recover from the condition fast.

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