Self Prostate Massage Therapy Benefits

The prostate is a gland located between the bladder and the penis, in front of the rectum, usually a size of a walnut. The primary function of the prostate is to secrete the fluid that protects and nourishes the sperm. Many men perform prostate massage regularly and report great benefits both health wise and sexually. Prostate massage is a type of a massage or stimulation of the prostate gland and can be performed with the use of a finger or ideally by a prostate massager device. Prostate massage is most effective when you do it yourself since you know best how to apply the correct amount of pressure to the area or to insert the massaging device gently, although some prefer to have a partner perform the massage for them There are two ways in which you can massage your prostate gland:

Prostate Massage Therapy

Internal Massage – Before you start this procedure, make sure that you wash your hands first and trim your fingernails. Find a quiet and private area for a more relaxed experience. Once you are ready, insert your finger into your anus as gently as possible. Be very slow and extra careful as this is a sensitive area. Your prostate gland can be felt with your finger, its round shape and you have to do a bit of searching at first or look up online for the visuals of the exact location of it on the body. Once you have located it, massage it gently for some time by pressing on it with your finger. Much easier and effective way to perform prostate massage is by using prostate massager such as the Sonic Prostate Massager.

Prostate Massage Therapy Device

External Self Prostate Massage – If you are not comfortable with inserting your finger or a prostate device into your anus, this option may be more suitable for you, although it is nearly not as effective. Through external massage you stimulate your perineum with your finger, which is the area between your anus and scrotum, and for this procedure you can keep your clothes on.

Benefits of Self-Prostate Massage Therapy

Regular self-prostate massage is healthy and beneficial. Prostate massage is a great aid to make sexual health and serves as the best possible way to prevent sexual disorders when regular sex is not available, or an addition to regular sex life to enhance it. This is also supported in the medical community since studies indicate that men who ejaculate more than five times in a week have lesser probability of suffering from sexual disorders such as BPH, inflammation, and cancer.

Prostate Massage Helps to Minimize the Effects of Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a condition where the prostate gland is infected and inflamed. A number of causes are responsible for prostatitis, one of which is a bacterial infection. A certain bacteria are accumulated within the acini sacs of the prostate glands which results to swelling of the prostate. Self-prostate massage improves blood flow which then flushes out those bacteria. Draining or wringing out of the prostate gland through self-prostate massage gets rid of build up dead cells and shrinks the prostate gland which then relieves the symptoms of prostatitis. This procedure gets rid of the caustic contents and causes the prostate gland to refill with blood. It can shrink the swollen prostate to the extent that symptoms go away even for at least a while.

Enhance the Sexual Orgasm

Prostate massage has been the hottest new trend in male sexuality. Many men reported that performing a self-prostate massage creates the most wonderful and pleasurable orgasms they have ever experienced. Massaging your prostate gland encourages blood flow and oxygen to your pelvic area. Through regular ejaculation, sexual orgasm will be enhanced which then gives a positive impact on your sex life. Thousands of nerve endings in the external anal area are activated and stimulated through a good prostate massage. Massaging the prostate directly creates a pleasurable sensation on its own. It also stimulates the internal root of the penis, which allows men to feel erotic sensations that start deep within and extends out to the entire length of the penis. Orgasms brought by prostate massage reportedly feel more profound, explosive and deeply satisfying.

Improves Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the man to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Sometimes, it is also referred to as impotence. Symptoms of this dysfunction include the inability to sustain a penile erection during sexual activity or difficulty reaching an orgasm. It has been estimated that 30 million men in the United States have experienced erectile dysfunction. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, one of which is insufficient blood flow to the pelvic area. Through prostate massage, blood flow to the penis is encouraged which releases more oxygen and nutrients that enhance erection. Many men that are suffering from impotence reported that regular prostate massage helped them return to normal sexual function.

Increases the Flow of Seminal Fluids

During ejaculation, men expel seminal fluid. Seminal fluid should be of correct consistency and have ideal morphology and maximum motility for the sperm to be able to fertilize an egg. Prostate massage strengthens the muscle of your penis and increases the flow of seminal fluids. It improves the flow of blood to the prostate which helps the prostate gland to produce the fluid which mixes with semen and increases circulation. Therefore, regular prostate massage may improve the seminal fluid consistency and may even aid in fertility.

As Prevention of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is known to be the second most common cancer among men, next to skin cancer. Prostate massage therapy is not only a safe and effective way to relieve prostatic conditions such as prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Erectile Dysfunction, it is also believed as an aid with prostate cancer. Through stimulation of the prostate, blood flow is increased and prostate massage helps in cleansing, nourishing and oxygenating the prostate area relieving the unpleasant symptoms. Studies also show that regular prostate massage can help prevent prostate cancer.


Prostate Massager

Origins of prostate massage

A thousand years ago, the Tantric Masters in China and India documented the two acupressure points in what are today referred to as the “male G-spots”. They encouraged the application of acupressure massage to these points by a sexual partner, who can easily reach the spots as compared to oneself, during sex or masturbation to make the experience more pleasurable. According to historians, 1000-2000 years ago, the Chinese Emperor could have up to 800 wives. While competing to bear the emperor a heir to improve their ranking in the court and receive favourable treatment, some of the wives would seek knowledge on advanced sexual techniques from the Tantric Masters who offered teachings and coaching. Westerners do not know most of the tips. The techniques included for the woman touch or massage the prostate and perineum, regarded as the special points, to grant the Emperor intense pleasure. Interestingly, these techniques have existed for thousands of years yet most individuals in the modern western society have no knowledge of them.


History of Prostate Massage and its Present Benefits and Relevance

Prostate massage for therapeutic purposes (prostate milking, prostate massage) is an age-old practice that has been conducted in numerous world cultures, predominantly in the Orient, for the past thousands of years.

Initially, prostate massage was done to keep the man in a perfect sexual state. Persons of authority such as sultans, kings, and shahs were known to have a private doctor or monk who performed the prostate massage to improve their sexual performance and make them excellent lovers.

Today, several articles have been published in medical journals promoting the use of prostate massage as an effective treatment for benign prostate hypertrophy (BHP), infertility, prostate disorders, chronic prostatitis and sexual problems.


The Science behind Prostate Massage

Let’s examine the make-up. The prostate gland is enclosed by many nerves and vessels and is linked to the brain through hormones secreted by the pituitary gland and the testes and to the nervous system through several internal organs. It is commonly referred to as “the second heart of man”.

When in good condition, the prostate gland remits a healthy signal to the pituitary gland which in turn remits the messages to other glands like the thyroid, testicles, and adrenal, to aid men in reproduction. This translates into abundant stamina, sexual energy and metal clarity in men. The testicles produce lots of testosterone and high quality sperms.

The passages could get blocked due to prostate congestion, inflammation or infection causing prostatic fluids to accumulate. These fluids attract yeasts, viruses and microbes thereby leading to inflammation and causing prostatitis. The accumulation of toxic fluids enlarges the prostate and irritates the nervous system causing tightness and pain. Once the prostate is engorged with congested fluids, a message is remitted to the pituitary gland to inhibit the process of reproduction. Consequently, the levels of testosterone and libido decline, men gain weight, begin to age quicker and become weak.

The purpose of the therapeutic prostate massage is to milk or wring out the congested fluid (in a similar fashion that a sponge is squeezed to rid it of the fluid), clear up passages, cleanse and shrink the prostate gland. Reducing the quantity of toxic, inflamed and congested fluids is the main mechanism behind the treatment and prevention of prostatitis, BHP or cancer. The therapeutic prostate massage helps to alleviate symptoms even in persistent and chronic prostatitis.

Similarly, prostatic massage improves microcirculation by eliminating adhesions and stimulating blood flow. As a result, the prostrate is nourished with plenty of blood, infections fighting white blood cells, vital nutrients and oxygen.

Due to its vital role in the male reproductive system, the prostate gland has earned titles such as, “Heart of the sexual organs” and “The seat of masculinity”. When the prostrate is healthy, testosterone levels are high (better erection, high libido). A healthy prostrate has clear liquid prostatic fluid, open passages and experiences forceful contraction of prostatic muscles which leadg up to strong orgasms. On the contrary, an unhealthy prostate leads to weak orgasms. Thus, the prostate massage serves an important role of increasing libido and thereby improving the sex lives of individuals. The massage also helps to resolve health-related issues and enhance the quality of life.

Consistent therapeutic prostate massage empties the enlarged prostrate and reduces pressure exerted on the urethra thereby reinstating control of the urine flow-rate and the proper functioning of the urinal bladder. In traditional Japanese families, wives usually carry out prostate massage on their husbands to promote their sexual health. This explains the low incidences of prostate enlargement and cancer among Asian men as compared to American men.


The Best Way to Perform Prostate Massage

Using a prostate massager is the easiest and most effective way to perform a prostate massage. Prostate massage, also known as prostate milking, has been practiced for centuries, however a device that simplifies this process and allows for better results was invented only a decade ago. Sonic 3-D prostate massager was specifically designed to imitate prostate milking and deliver all the benefits and more! After extensive research this prostate massager was designed to perfectly fit the male anatomy and has the right vibrating frequency that stimulates the gland and delivers treasured clean blood to it.  Click here to learn more.

The prostate massager is easy to use and it is much easier to reach your anus with it, then with a finger, and you can turn it on and off with ease. It takes a bit of practice, but the more you use it the more comfortable it gets. You might experience slight discomfort at first but it becomes easier with each session. Definitely a preferable option to antibiotics or surgery to treat your prostate issues!

Device is not rechargeable but you should expect it to run for 2-3 hours with good alkaline AA batteries. If you’re planning on regular use get some rechargeable batteries and you are good to go!

Prostate Massager

How does it work?

Photo of Sonic Prostate Massager Set

After washing your hands, apply the lubrication on the device and a bit on your anus. Insert the Sonic Prostate Massager slowly and gently in to the anus. Relax the muscles and get used to the feeling. Then gently move the tip towards the prostate gland and try to enjoy the sonic micro-vibrations designed to help your muscles relax and relieve pain and pressure in the area. If desired, apply additional torqu

e and pressure to produce the milking effect.

The Sonic Massager works by activating metabolic processes, improving muscle activity and reducing inflammation in the prostate area. This causes drainage of blood congestion, improves blood flow and restores of nerve conduction.


The massager also activates the rectal muscles, anus and prostate. You get two different probes with the set. One for the prostate and one for the colon. Both can be easily assembled, just insert into the handle and tighten the nut.

The company that sells the product is well-known for its customer service department, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and receive support.

Each prostate milking session should be about 2-5 minutes long and should be performed at least 3 times a week, or every other day for best results. Once you see improvements you can reduce the frequency of use.


Prostatitis and BPH patients report improvement in their urine control and overall feeling of relief after just 3-4 weeks of regular and frequent use.

This device can actually work as an external prostate massager as well, so you may start with external massage first if you are not comfortable inserting foreign objects into your anus Simply place the Prostate massager against your perineum, relax and try to enjoy the vibrating sensation.

So whether you are a patient suffering with BPH, prostatitis or ED or you are just an average male looking to enhance you sexual health and potency, prostate massage is definitely a little ritual you should include into your life! Don’t wait and start today!



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