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Prost-P10x is a clinical grade natural supplement program for men who are looking to restore their prostate health as close as possible to youthful levels.


 Therapeutic Benefits for Prostate Health

Prost-P10x is Doctor formulated and delivers therapeutic dosages (over 3320mg + 1000IU’s) of the same combination (patented and trademarked) natural ingredients that formed the basis of the major prostate health research studies and successful clinical trials. The Prost-P10x ingredients are delivered in a single, convenient, daily dose packet containing six (6) capsules.

Doctor Formulated based on Science and Research

Prost-P10x was developed by Dr. Geo Espinosa, N.D., L.Ac, CNS, RH (AHG). Dr. Geo is the Director of the Integrative Urology Center at New York University Langone Medical Center and the Chief Science Officer at Prostate Research Labs.

Before founding NYU’s Department of Integrative Urology, Dr. Geo was a clinician, researcher and the Director of Clinical Trials at the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia University Medical Center.


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Dr. Geo is one of only 3 Naturopathic Doctors in the USA who focus exclusively on men’s urological health. He is a frequent speaker at universities, medical schools and conferences on Integrative Health, nutrition and natural treatments for prostate health.

Prost-P10x is the culmination of Dr. Geo’s research into over 500 studies and his personal experience in his Naturopathic Urology Practice as to what works and what doesn’t in restoring prostate health.

Ingredients for Prost-P10x:

Prost-P10x Ingridients Graminex (G63™) Pollen Extract (500mg) (Secale cereal L., containing fat and water soluble fractions in a 20:1 ratio): Graminex rye pollen (cernilton) has been used for 35 years in Europe for prostatitis, BPH and to support healthy prostate volume and normal nighttime urination.


Saw Palmetto Extract (640mg): The combined 640mg of saw palmetto (45% Fatty Acids) in Prost-P10x has been shown to be the most effective in studies in boosting prostate health and promoting a healthy libido.


Quercetin Dihydrate (500mg): (flavonoid complex) For more than a decade, quercetin has been recognized as a potent antioxidant as well as being beneficial in supporting overall prostate health, usually at a dose of 500 mg daily.


Beta-sitosterol (Plant Sterols) (65mg): Beta-sitosterol has been shown to affect the activity of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which in turn may inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which in turn may help promote proper prostate size and urinary tract health.


Green Tea Extract (leaf, 45% EGCG) (500mg): Green tea provides support for prostate health and normal prostate size. Green tea has also been shown in studies to regulate DHT production and hormones that influence prostate volume and PSA levels. The beneficial effects of taking green tea have been shown to increase with higher levels of green tea/EGCG dosage.


Vitamin D-3 (1000IU): Increasing supplemental D-3 intake is associated with a trend of promoting greater prostate health.


3,3-Diindolylmethane (DIM) (100mg): As men age, they experience a decline in testosterone and, in many cases, increases in estrogen levels. The result is a testosterone/ estrogen imbalance that emerging research suggests may impact overall prostate health. DIM naturally supports the testosterone/estrogen balance as well as promoting sexual energy and normal prostate size

Cranberry (Vaccinum macrocapron, fruit) (500mg): Cranberry provides natural support for urinary tract health as well as providing prostate health support. In 2004, France became the first country to approve a health claim for the American cranberry for urinary tract health.


Stinging Nettle (root) (240mg): Stinging Nettle Root supports urinary health and symptoms related to an aging prostate particularly when used with the saw palmetto and quercetin combination in Prost-P10x. The nettle root also naturally interacts with the binding of DHT providing a further mechanism of action for supporting prostate health.


Pygeum africanum (bark) (100mg): Pygeum is an herbal remedy derived from the bark of the Pygeum africanum tree that has been used since ancient times to promote bladder health. Pygeum also may reduce the number of receptor sites where DHT can attach to cells. Numerous studies have supported the use of Pygeum in the management of prostate health.


Meriva® Curcumin (160mg) Studies have shown that curcumin can help regulate the body’s natural inflammation response and can provide support for prostate health. Meriva® has been shown to have up to a 20-fold improvement in bioavailability versus standard turmeric (95%) extracts.


Zinc (as Zinc Citrate) (15mg): Zinc is known to promote proper sexual function as well as support prostate health. The mineral is also a key player in the body’s DNA-damage repair process.


Prost-P10x may be taken as a dietary supplement by men who wish to maximize prostate health and provide support for natural restoration of prostate size and urinary function. Prost-P10x also provides immunity and cellular health for men suffering from the affects of an aging or enlarged prostate.

Dosage Information

One packet a day (6 capsules) depending on individual level of prostate health. The full dosage may be taken all at once or throughout the day (preferably with meals). Men with more serious concerns about their prostate health may wish to double dose each day for the first week.

Does Prost-xP10 Work?

YES! The active, 100% natural ingredients combined together in Prost-P10x have been shown in research studies and clinical trials to:

bullet Promote proper prostate size

bullet Support normal urinary flow and volume

bullet Encourage healthy libido and sexual response

bullet Support the natural response to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) reduction

bullet Assist the natural regulation of 5-alpha-reductase which affects normal prostate size and volume

bullet Support overall prostate and urinary health

bullet Restore prostate health as close as possible to youthful levels

bullet Help promote cellular and immune system health

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Prost-P10x Reviews

Prostate Massager - Review Line“My PSA went from 4.8 to 3.3 in three weeks” “I am 54, semi-retired, and lead a pretty healthy life dividing my time between the East Coast and Hawaii. All my life I have exercised and surfed and stayed in pretty good shape. I never had any prostate problems until about seven years ago when my PSA suddenly spiked from 1.5 to 3.0 after a routine blood test. Even though my PSA was under what still within what was considered a “normal” range my urologist recommended we do a biopsy given the unusual increase from my base level PSA” – Maury Levin, San Diego, CA
Prostate Massager - Review Line“For my money, one of the best prostate formulas on the market” For my money, one of the best prostate formulas on the market is Prost-P10x. It’s the most intelligently conceived supplement on the market; it’s so rare that a supplement is both multi-component and reflects the clinical research that justifies the ingredients inclusion. You really gave guys what works, and what they need!   – Bill Gottlieb. Best Selling Health Author and Former Editor-in-Chief, Prevention Magazine Health Books
Prostate Massager - Review Line“After I stopped taking Prost-P10x, my multiple trips to the bathroom returned.” “I’ve been taking the supplement for about 3 months, once per day, after lunch. At first, I did not notice any change, but about 3 weeks into it, I realized I was getting up to urinate only twice–consistently–every night, which I can live with. Prior to taking the supplement, I was getting up from twice to six times every night, making for a bad night’s sleep, and tiredness during the day. I always feel the best way to determine if any vitamin or supplement is working is to STOP taking it, and see if you notice a return to previous symptoms. Sometime after taking Prost-P10x after two months, I ran out. After about a week, the multiple trips to the bathroom returned. So, I feel the product does offer much relief. I also like the fact that the makers at Prost-P10x are up on the very latest information about what supplements work and don’t work to help prostate issues. Also, they use the clinical grade ingredients, which are hard to find in your local health store. I plan to continue to take Prost-P10x daily, as part of my regular vitamin regime.” – Brian Burton, Irvine, CA
Prostate Massager - Review Line“My Urologist is convinced it is working” “Prost-P10x is an excellent supplement. Having suffered from severe bacterial prostatitis for over 10 years I have tried nearly every supplement available to help alleviate the symptoms. While multiple surgeries, high dosages of antibiotics, and frequent prostatic drainings have had little affect, amazingly this stuff has. Even my urologist, who I see twice a month, has commented on the change in the inflammation of the prostate, and the reduced presence of hemophages in my prostatic fluid. I have been taking the supplement for two months and definitely plan on continuing to take it. I think that for myself, and others that suffer from prostate issues, the inflammation is major issue and causes the many painful and frustrating symptoms. After two months of taking the supplement I have went from 4-5 times of getting up at night to 0-1. It has gotten progressively better each week. The general pain in my pelvis has also markedly improved. My own experience these past two months and the objective findings of my urologist really convince me of the efficacy of this supplement. I am hoping that after a few more months some of the other symptoms of my prostatitis will also improve. 5 stars without any reservation. Hope it works for you as well as it has worked for me.” – Ryan Hann, Arizona
Prostate Massager - Review Line“My prostate health is better than it has been in several years” “Like most men my age I was suffering with the symptoms of an aging prostate. I was taking Avodart and Uroxatrol and was not happy with the benefits or the side effects including mild erectile dysfunction and reduced libido. I dropped the Avodart and started taking Prost PX10 just under a month ago and started to feel the positive benefits very quickly. At this point, I feel a large decrease in urgency, better flow and considerably less frequent trips to the bathroom. At night, I’m now getting up 1 or 2 times instead of 4 or 5 times and I feel my libido and sexual function returning to normal as well. I’m hoping I will also be able to stop the Uroxatrol as well with continued use of the Prost PX10. I feel very encouraged as my prostate health is better than it has been in several years and it also feels good to be using a natural therapy. I’m looking forward to continuing.” – Stephen C., Los Angeles, CA
Prostate Massager - Review Line“My husband has finally found relief” “My husband has finally found relief! After combining both Prost-P10X and Flomax he is almost sleeping through the night, something he hasn’t done in many years. More rest at night means he is feeling better about himself and not dealing with depression due to lack of sleep. He has also been watching his diet and eating healthier which has led to him losing ten pounds. He had been using Flomax for a long time and it just wasn’t helping so he stopped and was miserable. After speaking with the company I bought a 3 month supply for my husband, like was recommended, to give it a fair chance of working. He took the Prost-P10X for one month, in the 2nd month he kept taking it and then also started using Flomax again and there has definitely been a big change. I know that the Flomax alone wasn’t helping, but the combination with Prost-P10X is what is working for him. Recently, my husband took all the info about Prost-10x to his MD and his Dr. said to stay on it, because there was good stuff in it for the prostate. Always encouraging to have a medical doctor on board with things like this. Thank you for all your help!” – Renee Fowler, Wendell, Idaho


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