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The Biolectrix Prostate Cushion and Donut Cushion are built using the patented ProstaCushion SystemTM . The ProstaCushion SystemTM consists of a dual foam layers with a harder closed foam layer at the bottom and a softer polyurethane layer on the top. The bottom layer with a center hole provides full support – even on softer surfaces – and gives the cushion its long life time.

The softer top layer, with a smaller cut out size provides full comfort and softly covers the edges of the bottom, harder layer.

The center cut out is hidden behind a top batting layer and the whole structure is packaged up in a breathable stretch cotton layer. The cushion is not only functional for maintaining prostate health but also completely discreet, none of the internal structure is visible from the outside.


The Biolectrix Prostate Cushion also contains a suspended magnet positioned in the center cutout, providing an added biomagnetic therapy option. In addition a warming element can be added easily to warm up the cushion under the prostate area.

The ProstaCushion SystemTM was developed and tested with professional help across two continents over a periods of more than a year to produce a fully discreet, functional, and yet comfortable product.

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