Prostate Massage for Medical Purposes

The role played by the prostate in masculine sexual function and urination cannot be overemphasized. The walnut-sized gland is located at the base of the bladder near the urethra. Its position and function make it highly important in urinary flow. Prostate inflammation affects and impairs the flow of urine leading to incontinence and in extreme cases, a total blockage of the urinary pathway. Prostate problems have for long been treated with prostate massage therapy, however, the use of the technique ebbed with the introduction of antibiotics. But with a recent focus in massage therapy, prostate massage for medical purposes is gradually beginning to resurface.

What is Prostate Massage Therapy

In an enlarged or inflamed state, the prostate size tends to substantially exceed the size of a walnut. However, the prostate can be milked or massaged to reduce the inflammation and return its size to normal. Massaging of the prostate can be done internally by inserting a lubricated finger or a massager through the anus to the prostate. It can also be done externally by applying pressure on the perineum from the outside.

Prostate Massage for Medical Purposes

An internal prostate massage may be more desirable and rewarding than an external massage but it is inconvenient and difficult to do on oneself. This massage technique can be done either with a lubricated finger or with a massager. It is very important to seek the advice of a medical professional before undergoing prostate massage for medical purposes. This is because it may not be safe to undergo massage due to some medical reasons. Your urologist would be in a better position to explain the situation at hand to you.

Conditions that can be treated with prostate massage

Prostate massage for medical purposes can be used in treating a range of conditions. These include prostatitis, BPH, painful ejaculation, urinary flow problems and erectile dysfunction. Most of these conditions occur due to the blockage of the reproductive system by some fluids. Poor blood flow around the prostate could be responsible for BPH. However, prostate massage enables a proper flow of fluids and blood around the prostate. With effective prostate massage for medical purposes, some of the swellings on the prostate can be reduced and hence the associated conditions such as prostatitis, urinary flow problems and so forth can be treated.

Precautions to take before prostate massage

Prostate massage offers obvious benefits but some precautions should be taken before undergoing prostate massage for medical purposes in order to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

  • As mentioned above, the first thing you would need to do is to consult your doctor about the procedure. Of course, some doctors may not recommend prostate massage therapy because it has not been widely studied. But it is necessary to seek adequate medical advice to avoid unintended consequences.
  • Make sure that you use a safe prostate massager. There are a lot of sex toys out there marketed as prostate massagers today. Never use a product not designed specifically for prostate massaging to massage your prostate to avoid complication. One of the most recommended prostate massagers is Sonic Prostate Massager. This is a medical grade product designed by a team of medical experts. Sonic Prostate Massager releases sonic waves during the process; the vibration exercises the prostate and guarantees excellent results. Furthermore, Sonic Massager stimulates the muscles, ensures effective blood flow around the prostate, minimizes inflammation, and relaxes the prostate.
  • Never perform prostate massage for medical purposes unless you have the requisite knowledge to do so. If you are using sonic massager, make sure you carefully read the instructions on the manual before performing the process. The right amount of pressure has to be applied on the prostate; the symptoms can even increase if too much pressure is applied.

Other Benefits of Prostate Massage for Medical Purposes

As mentioned above, prostate massage can help improve blood and fluid flow around the prostate and therefore helpful in treating and minimizing the symptoms of prostatitis, painful ejaculation, urinary flow problems, erectile dysfunction and so forth. However, prostate massage for medical purposes has some other benefits as discussed below.

  • A study conducted by Nickel et al. (1999) showed that prostate massage, in conjunction with antibiotics, can be used in treating difficult refractory cases of prostatitis. In other words, prostate massage for medical purposes may be used alongside with antibiotics to treat the condition. When used this way, prostate massage makes antibiotics more effective in treating the condition.
  • Prostate massage is not just used to treat prostate problems; it can also be done to keep the prostate healthy.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction can rely on prostate massage to improve their sexual experience. Prostate massage not only treats erectile dysfunction but it can improve the overall sexual experience of men by easing the flow of fluids around the gland.
  • Prostate inflammation is associated with untold pain and discomfort. Prostatitis could be a nightmare to the sufferer but with prostate massage, the untold discomfort can be reduced and even eliminated. The symptoms may not completely disappear as soon as prostate massage is applied, however, they will disappear gradually. It is advised that the massage therapy be continued on a regular basis until the symptoms have completely disappeared.

In conclusion, prostate massage for medical purposes is a very effective technique for treating prostatitis, BPH and some other related symptoms such as urinary flow problems, erectile dysfunction and so forth. Prostate massage is an all natural technique. This means that the health risks associated with using synthetic and pharmaceutical products are not involved with prostate massage. Moreover, a better and more effective result can also be achieved when the massage therapy is combined with prostate food supplements. Massage therapy plays a vital role in supporting the prostate health but you can also help your prostate by eating healthy prostate foods, engaging in active sex life, regular exercises and also ensuring that you consult your doctor regularly to keep tabs on your prostate health. Every man should engage in these preventive procedures early enough in life to keep the prostate healthy.

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